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Facebook Advertising Accounts

It’s time to import or create your Facebook advertising accounts into the Facebook Business Manager. Plus, while editing I was inspired to record some bonus content on how to set a powerful context and reasonable expectations as you begin your journey into the Facebook advertising platform. Stay tuned to the end for that. This is […]

Claiming Your Facebook Pages

Got your Facebook Business Manager account created? In this video we talk about importing your Facebook Pages, and what that means in terms of your ability to post content to your page.   This is the second episode in our 10 part series on setting up Facebook for your business properly. Each episode touches on […]

The Facebook Business Manager

In this video, we start off our 10-part series on setting up Facebook for your business properly by introducing you to the Facebook Business Manager. We’re releasing a new episode each day for the next 10 days covering topics such as claiming your Facebook page, setting up your Facebook pixel, and configuring custom conversions.