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The Theory of Constraints

Let’s say you’ve got some task, goal, or result that you want in your life. Let’s also say that this is a result that you want to occur with some regularity. For example, let’s take this content right here. It’s part of my grand social media strategy … and it’s necessary for anyone who wants […]

The Keys to the Kingdom

Hey. What should you be doing this very second (to best serve your master plan)? Okay, well, right now you’re reading this. But if you were at work and asked yourself the same question, how would you reply? If you asked me, I could tell you very easily. Because I made a list. I know […]

Rocketship Pizza

As my videographer put it this morning, building a business is like building a rocket ship. Want some proof? Look no further than your friendly neighbourhood MGI. Like a rocket ship, businesses need to have structure and systems in place before they take off, and nobody knows more about structure and systems than we do. […]

World of Businesscraft

Here at Measurable Genius, we are love building systems. I love building systems. Today I got to deploy a system to my team that opens up a whole new world of fun: coins. Measurable Genius team members can collect coins in a number of ways: writing new processes, editing existing ones, leaving comments, and doing […]

It’s Never How Hard You Work

You can make massive leaps forward in your life and in your business by refocusing on the greatest constraints and prioritizing that work over everything else. Everything in life is a system. Although we think in linear terms, almost all systems in life are circular. Watch this video to learn how to transform your thinking […]