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Return on Investment

What’s the difference between someone who says they want to make money and makes it, versus someone who says they want to make money but doesn’t make it? You may remember I posed this question to a group of high school students in an episode of Daily Genius. I’m repeating it here because it illustrates […]

Itemize Function

Instead of trying to fit people into these abstract boxes you call “job descriptions,” you should itemize the functional processes and accountabilities that actually exist in your business. If you give people clear expectations in the form of process assignments and key performance indicators, they can measure themselves if they’ve done a good job or […]

Middle Management

Middle management is one of the most challenging roles to play in any organization. It’s easy to be a business owner. You just need to be accountable. It’s also easy to be an employee. You just need to be responsible. It’s hard to be both. That’s what makes middle management special. They have a gift […]


As you guys know, I spent the weekend with my good friend/mentor/coach/great guy Dr. Nima Rahmany. One of the things I took away from the weekend was the power of feeling into your affirmations. Regular viewers know I gave advice similar to this in Daily Genius 65, and I’m going to keep repeating myself because […]


I know, like any business owner knows, that when I’m at work there are hundreds of thousands of things that I COULD be doing. But the difference between me and those other business owners is that I know what I SHOULD be doing. And the reason that I know is because of our plan, and […]


You guys have heard me say before that dissatisfaction drives innovation. Well, I started off the day today dissatisfied with something: how can we turn our website traffic into customers? We started breaking down the problem and dove into a rabbit hole: what’s our single point of conversion? What does our funnel look like? What […]


You guys may have noticed that I hate wasting time. That’s why when I come to a meeting I want to know exactly what we’re doing and what we’re going to be discussing. A meeting without an agenda is like lighting a whole pile of money on fire … and I’m no Joker. On today’s […]

Quarterly Planning Deep Cuts

In late November of 2017, Measurable Genius ran a 90-day Business Planning Workshop at SAIT. It was a tremendous success, a lot of fun, and I got to create a lot of value for my friends, clients, and everyone who attended. You may remember my Facebook livestream about the difference between accountability and responsibility. In […]

Stop Letting People Waste Your Time

How much time are you wasting because you can’t say “no?” Chances are, unless you’ve got a hierarchy of pre-vetted business priorities, that number is higher than you think. If you don’t know for certain you’re working on the highest-priority item you possibly can be, you’re not going to tell your team you’ll get back […]