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Become the Category King

The most frustrating part of marketing is putting your heart and soul into a campaign to generate leads and business – only for it to generate deafening amounts of silence instead. The art of producing compelling marketing – and compelling video content – is a delicate landscape upon which our guest, Kyle Lasota, deftly moves […]

Small Events, Big Lessons

How do you run events that generate you more income in a weekend than most coaches make in a year? It’s possible. Last week Everett and I were in sunny San Diego attending Small Events Big Profits, run by my client/friend/mentor Alex J Moscow. What he shared there was powerful. And if you want to […]

The Offer Roundtable

What do you have that the market wants? Any entrepreneur (or prospective entrepreneur) needs to know the answer to that question. After all, the core of your business is selling your offer – if people don’t want what you’ve got, you don’t have much of a chance of making yourself sustainable. Which is easy to […]

Why Small Events are the Key to Big Profits

Most business owners or entrepreneurs are too afraid to run events because of the up-front costs associated with them Those who do run events often barely break even, much less turn a profit. What if I told you that small events can earn you BIG profits? On today’s episode of Start With Why I’m interviewing […]

Massively Increase Your Sales And Impact Through Speaking

Most business owners and entrepreneurs who speak from stages fail to generate new leads or acquire new customers. In this episode of Start With Why I’m interviewing Kat Halushka and Kimberly Carson-Richards, co-founders of Profitable Impact Academy and the team behind the Profitable Speaker Bootcamp on why speaking is an important strategy and why most […]

Selling is Serving

There’s this pervasive idea in our culture that sales is the art of manipulation, and that it doesn’t really matter if a person needs your product or service or not so long as they give you their money. Let me make it clear: a selfish salesperson is a bad salesperson. The most important thing you […]

World Building

I’m going to re-brand “content marketing” as “worldbuilding.” Each of the people who experience your content experience a completely different world in their minds’ eye. That storytelling is something that we can become a part of, if we choose to be, as marketers. We have the opportunity to build a sense of culture and a […]

Help People Decide

When you ask someone who isn’t ready to make a decision to make a decision … they freeze. Decisions carry weight. Don’t put people into fight or flight by inappropriately making offers to them when they aren’t ready to decide. People need bite-sized steps. Help them get to know you first. Any transaction represents a […]

The Gospel of You

IT’S YOUR DUTY! You HAVE to evangelize the gospel of what you believe in. Maybe you don’t like the phrase “content marketing.” OK. Fine. Use this word instead: world-building. Build a world in the mind of your customer.