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I Was Living a Lie

What fears are holding you back in life? I asked Nima Rahmany to give me a topic to talk about on today’s episode of Daily Genius and he asked me to speak on the subject of fear. This episode focuses on a time in my life where I was overcommitted, overextended, and building up a […]

Nostalgia and the Long-term Play

I’ve been experimenting with video in business for 5 years, so as you can imagine, we have LOTS of footage that we’ve been collecting over that time. Most of it is REALLY bad. But the experiences taught us a lot. Yesterday I spent the day sorting and organizing almost all of the footage we’ve ever […]

Company Culture and Celebrity Impersonations

What makes a great team? In this episode of Daily Genius Warren asked me to talk about what makes the culture at Measurable Genius “different”. I run a technology company, but my greatest ability is in working with human behavior – finding out what people want most in life and finding ways to help them […]

Life Begins at Intention

I have a quick question: what was the last thing you saw on Facebook that someone had that made you stop and say ‘Oh, that’s pretty cool?’ Maybe someone’s on holiday in Mexico? Friend got a new car? An acquaintance had children? Saw an article about those cool 3D printers?  Now think about what you’d […]

JV or Die

Are you working hard because you genuinely enjoy it?  Or are you just telling yourself that?  There are tons of entrepreneurs out there who are martyring themselves because they think the only way their business will survive is if they work themselves down to the bone. They’re too attached to their identity of being the […]

Your Plan Means Nothing

There’s not much time remaining until the final quarter of 2018…are you on track with your goals? Actually, the answer to that question doesn’t matter. I don’t care whether you’ve hit your goals or not.  The important thing is going through the ritual to choose your goals. It’s performing the practice of planning again and […]

Re-gaining Command of your Business

If you want to get your business back on track and gain or re-gain command, you need to focus on a series of key business principles. This video is a masterclass on what strategies and tactics you can apply to become a master executive and empowered business operator.

The Many Layers of the Layercake

Here’s a fact: re-targeting ads convert cheaper and more often than ads to cold traffic. I’ve been doing this long enough to have proven it again and again for myself and for my clients. So on today’s episode of Incremental Progress, we’re going to move onto the next stage of the Layercake campaign: designing and […]