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Actions Aren’t the Point

Working IN a system is very different than working ON a system. Business owners have to do both of these things simultaneously. But if they want to grow and scale, they need to spend more time doing the latter instead of the former. Think about it: working IN a system keeps it running. It produces […]


It is a pure delight having Andrew Bennett at our Thursday morning mastermind. For some reason, whenever he shows up, I find some nugget of wisdom I can use to teach him and the other men. The result is always fire… and today is no different. Join us on a chilly Thursday morning as we […]


It seems like every company has a Facebook profile these days. If you’re reading this, you probably have one for your business too! But are you using it right? Do you have one of those “social media managers” whose only job is to fill space with content about your company? If you’re doing that, you’re […]