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The Command & Conquer Debrief

This weekend was the seventh (and first virtual) edition of Command & Conquer, our quarterly business planning workshop. If you’re soon going to be hosting your own virtual workshop, check out this episode of Incremental Progress: where you’re going to get a total overview of what worked well, what didn’t, and the little things you […]

Get Magnetic

What type of lead magnet is best for you? Obviously, every business owner knows they need lead magnets. They’re essential to growing your list and they sit at the very top of your funnels. But with all the information floating around out there, it can be pretty intimidating to try and think of what method […]

Phase Two of Jarvis at Phase One

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Phase One Design to talk about one of my very favorite things: Jarvis. Loyal viewers of the show will know exactly what Jarvis is. But if you don’t, now is your chance to get a crash course in what this program is and how it can make your […]


Today we spent the morning with David of Bali and Beyond, giving him (and his computer) some care and attention. I spent a lot of time uninstalling programs … if your computer is running slow, chances are you’ve got all kinds of little things hogging up resource space. Most of them come out pretty easily… […]

I Deserve to be Rich and You Do Too

What’s stopping you from achieving the dream that you say that you want? Is it your employees? Your customers? Your spouse? The government? Actually, it’s none of those things. The thing that’s stopping you is you. Need some evidence? Try saying the phrase “I deserve to be wealthy.” How did that feel? Literally, what do […]

Hey, J.A.R.V.I.S.!

Jarvis is truly an incredible system. Being able to help business owners take what’s in their heads (and the heads of their employees) and make it real in a way that’s accessible, searchable, cultural, and measurable is not one of the things I thought I’d be doing when I set out to start an IT […]

Facebook Tracking & Custom Conversions

Knowing how to track, read, and analyze your Facebook advertising data is essential to your success. With the right foresight and a bit of planning, Facebook gives us the tools to measure what actions our visitors are taking when they take action on our ads. This is the eighth episode in our 10 part series […]

Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

Setting up Facebook retargeting campaigns could significantly and immediately increase your revenues on traffic you’ve already got. Watch this episode if you want to grow your business significantly. This is the seventh and most comprehensive episode so far in our 10 part series on setting up Facebook for your business properly. Each episode touches on […]