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Don’t Get Caught in the Time Trap

“If you require motivation to do what you say is important, it isn’t important.” I’m very fortunate to be able to learn from a man as smart as Dr. John Demartini, and this quote really sums up what I’m sure a lot of you have heard from me before: there is no better indicator to […]

I Feel Like I’m Wasting Money

Are you a business owner going in circles? Tune in!

Why You Need a Strategy

Episode 1 of Genius On Demand! Learn the basics of business planning in our inaugural livestream!

Schedule or Suffer

There’s a limit to how much any of us can have in our heads at any given time. As businesses scale and get bigger, with more needing to get done, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the time to work on everything that needs your attention. After all, even if you’re getting new clients, you’re […]

Trying to Have it All Leaves You With Nothing

The biggest threat to any business is the owner of that business. As entrepreneurs, we’ve already decided to tackle one of the most challenging things anyone could possibly do: build a business. For one reason or another, we’ve committed ourselves to take on accountability when so many people spend their lives desperately trying to avoid […]

Your Urgency is Throttling your Business

This is going to sound like it’s coming from an old man standing on his porch yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off his lawn, but it needs to be said: all of you need to slow down and take a breath. I talk to a lot of business owners. And one common thing […]

The Immortality of Authenticity

There are tons of people out there struggling to build a life they don’t really want. It’s especially endemic in the world of entrepreneurship. Guys like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are idolized and emulated because starting your own business is the “cool” thing to do. I think it’s fair to say not many people […]

Chromatic Masterminds

There are few things as satisfying as being in a mastermind with your business. Why is that? Put simply, it means everything becomes automatic. When you and your team are in sync, working towards a common purpose to serve your clients, with work automatically being distributed according to proven principles of human behavior, growth becomes […]

The Myth of More Work

There’s a finite limit to the amount of work you can get done in a day. But it never quite seems to be enough, right? No matter how much you accomplish, there’s this nagging voice in the back of your mind that’s never satisfied. “You’re never going to grow this business if you don’t work […]