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Intentional vs Non-Intentional

If you want to fully embrace being in command of your life, you must be in command of your intentions. There are lots of people out there satisfied with merely “going with the flow” and giving their power away to others (or God). They’re not doing it intentionally, but their refusal to take accountability for […]

Knowing How to Grow

Join Stephan and me in this conversation about how to grow, why it’s important to focus on growth, and some of the mistakes people make when they lose their conscious connection to the process of growth.

How to Know If You’re a Fake Guru

There are tons of slimy “personal coaches” out there who are only interested in your credit card number. And there are also tons of entrepreneurs who know how to stand in their value and are dedicated to changing the world while being compensated fairly for it. Sometimes the line between those two things can be […]

Schrödinger’s Reality

How do you create a life where you get what you want? How do you set goals that come true? And how do you stop spinning your wheels? Here’s how: the more we’re explicit about what we want to manifest into our lives, the better the chance of it appearing. The more we open our […]

Why You Don’t Love Yourself

Why is it so hard to look into the mirror and say “I love you?” Why are human beings so great at caring for others – yet so poor at caring for themselves? Want to wake up tomorrow a little happier than you did today? All of this and more on Incremental Progress 081 – […]

Entitlement is Destroying Your Business

You are not entitled to success. Your hard work before doesn’t mean you can relax now. Your funnels don’t mean you stop trying to sell. Too many business owners (and before you accuse me of being preachy, I have definitely been guilty of this) are stuck where they are at their current level of success […]

Meaning = Productivity

If you don’t know yourself, you don’t know your business. If you are an entrepreneur, your business is an extension of yourself. It’s the vehicle through which you can achieve something meaningful in the world. If your long-term vision for your business is clouded, if your plans never seem to come true (or if they […]

You Can Do It, But You’re Not

Your mindset is the biggest risk to your business. This applies to far more than just positive thinking. While optimism has its place, we also need to be aware of our blind spots – what is our brain hiding from us that we don’t even know about? My good friend and client David Mehler helps […]

The Art of Deserving

Do you feel stuck and unable to achieve what you really want? Are you often feeling that “life would be better if…?” Maybe it’s possible that you don’t feel that you deserve the things that you say you want. That feeling of unworthiness, more than anything else, is keeping you trapped. That unworthiness is creating […]