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Your Goals Need to Make Sense

If you set goals that you don’t have direct control over, you will fail. Here’s a delusional goal: “This quarter, we’re going to increase profits by 10%.” If that’s all you’ve written down, achieving it will be a matter of luck. Unless you’re going out picking people’s pockets, you don’t have direct control over your […]

Quality Questions Lead to a Quality Life

Changing your attitude will change your life. Here’s how things usually happen: something awful occurs, you feel awful about it, and you go along feeling awful until you calm down, or something else happens. The emotion is a wave, and you’re just riding it. Of course, we’re never going to get rid of emotions. Nor […]

How Your Labels Hold You Back

Morally labeling things is a one-way ticket to emotional fragility. Because moral labels are absolute and one-sided, whenever someone does something that isn’t congruent with the label, we’ll react accordingly. Here’s an example: let’s say you label “spilling coffee” as a bad thing. Because it has that label, whenever it happens, you’re going to be […]

How to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

It all comes down to values. Whether I’m giving a talk to a high-school, running a multi-day event, or leading my team, you better bet I’m going to bring up the idea of values. Why? Well, I could fill up your entire feed with the reasons why, but the short answer is that if you […]

How to Set Goals Like Donald Trump

“If you can’t say the downsides of a goal, you don’t have a goal.” If you want to achieve anything meaningful, in life or in business, you need to have a goal based in reality and not on fantasy. The goal needs to be articulated, investigated, and broken down into incremental steps that you can […]