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Networking is Better Than Sales Automation

Why networking beats sales automation when you want new clients, and how caring enough to sell what the market wants attracts new business.

Building Wealth & Classic vs. Romatic Thinking

Learn how building wealth impacts business and reduces volatility. Alexander also reviews how to balance classic vs. romantic thinking.

Maximizing Productivity

Learn to apply Parkinson’s Law to delegate more effecively, focus on higher priorities, and increase the value of your business.

Making Specific Links

Learn what questions to ask to specifically link actions to your values or the values of your employees.

Value Based Selling

How to sell to your clients’ highest values and inspire them to buy your product or service by asking high quality questions.

The Conservation of Traits

Learn to recognize the conservation of traits within your business so that you can become a more effective leader.

Changing the Behavior of Employees

How do you inspire your employees to take action out of ownership instead of motivating them out of resentment?

Changing Values and Behavior

How do you link activities to your values so that you have a higher probability of achieving your goals?

Values and Teleology

John reveals the Value Determination Process and discusses the factors which govern human behavior.

Introduction to the Measurable Genius Mentorship Session 1 with Dr. John Demartini

Everett and Alexander start the first Measurable Genius Mentorship Session off with a bang and introduce our guest, Dr. John F. Demartini.