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Become the Category King

The most frustrating part of marketing is putting your heart and soul into a campaign to generate leads and business – only for it to generate deafening amounts of silence instead. The art of producing compelling marketing – and compelling video content – is a delicate landscape upon which our guest, Kyle Lasota, deftly moves […]

Master Impressions, Master Marketing

Starting with the basics sets you up for success. In the complicated world of funnels, founders and CEOs can often get lost in the tangled webs of ads, systems, technologies, web pages, creative… you name it. Funnily enough, if those same business owners simply started with the first guiding principle of marketing, they’d find their […]

Content: Endgame

What’s the point of scaling your business? Take a moment to think about the future: your offer is rock-solid and converting. Your marketing is bringing in steady leads. Your sales team is booking and closing calls. Your fulfillment team is taking care of your clients. What is YOUR job then as the CEO? What would […]

The Formula for Winning Content

Now is the PERFECT time to start cranking out content. If you’re a business owner who wants to grow even in troubled times, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be turning on the camera and talking to the market as much as you can. After all, chances are your leads are looking at their phones and […]

The Offer Roundtable

What do you have that the market wants? Any entrepreneur (or prospective entrepreneur) needs to know the answer to that question. After all, the core of your business is selling your offer – if people don’t want what you’ve got, you don’t have much of a chance of making yourself sustainable. Which is easy to […]

Funnels Won’t Save You

Are you gambling with the future of your business? Here’s something I’ve noticed lately: there are tons of entrepreneurs out there who have been sold the idea that all they need to do to start a successful business is to have a thing and pay money to run ads to it. Can this work? Yes, […]

Get Magnetic

What type of lead magnet is best for you? Obviously, every business owner knows they need lead magnets. They’re essential to growing your list and they sit at the very top of your funnels. But with all the information floating around out there, it can be pretty intimidating to try and think of what method […]

The Marriage of Offer and Content

The easiest way to produce content for your business is to base it on your offer. If you sell a Lamborghini, you need to produce very different content than someone who sells photography. And if you sell a coaching program, that’s another different strategy… Essentially, you can break down every offer into one of four […]