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Your Short-Term Marketing is Killing Your Business

Are you taking shortcuts with your marketing? Marketing is actually a two-step process. Business owners have a tendency to skip right to step two without thinking about the proper order of operations. Step two is making offers. But there’s something essential you have to do first. That first step is building an audience. What does […]

Stop Attracting Broken Customers

It is much easier to market a product to someone who already wants a solution to a problem rather than to someone who is unaware they even have a problem. Here’s the difference: the former type of person is already looking into what they can do about said problem. Maybe they’ve even tried a few […]

You Don’t Need A Funnel

If we think about the term “funnel” for a moment (in the business sense), it implies a slow but steady descent of a customer from one place to another. It defines success based on taking what exists outside of it and pulling it through, so the customer “falls” out the bottom, so to speak. Unfortunately, […]

Become a Media Company NOW

Let’s all become famous together! Learn why personal branding is becoming more and more important every week.

Lessons from 10X Growth Conference 2

Tune in to hear how you as a business owner can out-market your competition and earn the clients you know you deserve.

I Don’t Know How to Find New Clients

Genius On Demand Episode 2! Have you ever had trouble finding new clients? Yes? Check out this stream for some valuable advice!

Engaging With Your Audience

Producing content for your audience is a big commitment, but it’s not the only one you’re going to have to make in order to survive in the digital world. You also need to be genuinely interested in developing meaningful relationships, because at the end of the day, “social media” is just the platform – the […]

Your Digital Persona

What should you say!? How should you behave? What is your “personal brand”? What do you keep private? Every content creator struggles with these challenges. This episode is Alexander’s most inspired video yet because we talk about how you need to show up and be yourself. This is the ninth episode in our 10 part […]

How To Content

How do you get famous on Facebook? It’s not as hard as you might think…as long as you’re talking to the right people. On last week’s episode of Incremental Progress, we talked about how to define an awesome audience for your Facebook ads. This week, we’re continuing the trend by showing you what sorts of […]

Getting Hands-On with the Audience

The Facebook ads platform is an intimidating tool. There are tons of people out there just itching to get started with it, but don’t know where to begin. Here’s the thing: like with any marketing, the first question should always be: who am I talking to? Unfortunately, it’s one thing to know the answer to […]