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Conquering Your Sandbox

Are you the biggest kid in your sandbox? That’s really the end-goal of any business owner: to the biggest kid in the sandbox go all the spoils. And fortunately for this metaphor, in the world of business, we don’t have to rely on genetics to become the biggest kid. Here’s the thing: no matter how […]

Children are Freeloaders

Today we had our weekly departmental meetings, I worked support desk, and Warren Bardsley follows the checklist to make coffee. Eventful day? Check. Worked hard? Check. Entertaining content? Funniest episode yet. You never know what you’re going to get on Daily Genius. Watch Episode 12 now.

Artificial Deadlines and Strategic Sandboxes

Team Measurable Genius blasts off again in today’s episode of Daily Genius – I rant about artificial deadlines, how technology is not your savior, and we meet with the team at Wright Restyling to tackle some strategic planning. The topic we dove into today is called The Sandbox, which is a concept on the 7 […]

What is a Daily Stand-up Meeting?

Do you meet with your team every day to share priorities and solve problems before they become emergencies? If not, you’re missing out on the power of Standup, one of the Rockefeller Habits.