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The Joint Venture Mindset

Want to know the #1 reason that people have trouble getting joint ventures to work? It is their core beliefs about the world… it is their core motivators of fear, scarcity, and lack. It is DEEPLY, DEEPLY encoded in us as human beings (if you question that read Influence by Robert Cialdini). The GREAT NEWS […]

Find Your Place on the Assembly Line of Clients

Your business is perfect for certain people at a certain moment in their lives. You have an ideal customer avatar, with a certain set of challenges that you are uniquely qualified to tackle. You already knew that I hope. But what many entrepreneurs miss is that there are so many other entrepreneurs out there who […]

You Are Irrelevant to Your Clients

If you’re going to be successful in the joint venture game, you need to intimately know your client journey. That all begins with realizing the truth that you’re not at the centre of your client’s universe. They will appreciate you for the problem that you solve (hopefully!), but you need to understand that all of […]

Go First and Provide Value

What can you do to establish a joint venture with a bigger player than you are? The first thing you have to do is become relevant. No matter how big or small your business, no one will be willing to JV with someone they don’t know. You have to establish a relationship first. Once they […]

You Don’t Need a List to Joint Venture

One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make about joint ventures is assuming that they need a massive e-mail list in order to find people that they can JV with. If you learn nothing else from Jay Fiset, learn this: joint ventures are about relationships. It’s not about leveraging assets for a return. Is that […]