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How Accountability Impacts Behaviour

By breaking down your company into pieces your team can understand, your culture will transform automatically, more than any attempt to change it manually. We’re going back to basics in this week’s Genius On Demand.

Pareto’s Principle

Perception is all about the stories your mind tells. On today’s show, I’ll be discussing Pareto’s Principle, which states that roughly 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. So, how do you use this principle practically to achieve meaningful results in your business?

Managing Your Resources

Today we’ll be discussing different ways to think about prioritization and effectively extracting value from the resources at your disposal.

Not Doing It? Don’t Hire For It

The key to scale is not doing more things. The key to scale is by doing the things that make you money and not doing the things that don’t make you money. Sounds simple, right? And yet, there are tons of entrepreneurs out there looking to hire consultants and specialists to build all-new parts of […]

Wrestling With Context

It can be pretty surprising what you can learn from your employees if you just take the time to listen. I’ve been encouraged to do just that by following the Rockefeller Habits, which recommends managers take the time to hold Start/Stop/Keep meetings with one employee per week. Five minutes is all it takes, and the […]

Monkey See Monkey Do

If you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet you have an excess of monkeys on your back. Let me back up for a moment. As a business owner, entrepreneur, leader, and so on, you’re ultimately a manager of people. And the most effective way for a manager to operate is by delegation. I’ve said this […]