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Intentional vs Non-Intentional

If you want to fully embrace being in command of your life, you must be in command of your intentions. There are lots of people out there satisfied with merely “going with the flow” and giving their power away to others (or God). They’re not doing it intentionally, but their refusal to take accountability for […]

You Only Get One Queen

You’re never going to win a chess match if you’re concentrated only on promoting all of your pieces. And you’re never going to grow your business if you only hire people who are overqualified for the positions you need them to fill. Much like a chess board, a business requires a variety of capabilities and […]

Perfectionism is Obstructionism

If you want to have a better business, you need to become a better business owner. Seems obvious, right? But here’s the part that many business owners don’t realize – that philosophy also holds true for every member of their organization. Think about it: would you get more momentum from everyone in your business becoming […]

The Gift of Action Items

Merry Christmas, everyone. Time off is nice, isn’t it? Well no, not really, because it just means you’re procrastinating on what you need to be doing to move your life forward by spending the time on short-term immediate gratification. Here’s my suggestion: give yourself the best gift of all: a system that you can develop […]

One Day, I Won’t Have To

There are tons of business owners out there trapped in the delusion of freedom. They’re not wrong for pursuing the idea, of course. As a business grows and scales, as it produces sustainable revenue, and as the leads come flowing in, a CEO will find themselves able to free themselves of many of the uninspiring […]

There Is No “I” in Team, but There Is “Me”

Many small business owners become managers out of necessity – well before they’re equipped with the skills and the mindset necessary to really grow and develop a team of A-players. The unfortunate reality is that poor management is a handicap for your business. And while it’s not a skill you’re going to master overnight, there […]

Skip The Plan

Maybe your track record with goal-setting isn’t the greatest. It’s hard. It’s something you have to work at every day. Even if you miss a day, just get up and try again.

The Theory of Constraints

Let’s say you’ve got some task, goal, or result that you want in your life. Let’s also say that this is a result that you want to occur with some regularity. For example, let’s take this content right here. It’s part of my grand social media strategy … and it’s necessary for anyone who wants […]