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Become the Category King

The most frustrating part of marketing is putting your heart and soul into a campaign to generate leads and business – only for it to generate deafening amounts of silence instead. The art of producing compelling marketing – and compelling video content – is a delicate landscape upon which our guest, Kyle Lasota, deftly moves […]

Portrait of an Entrepreneur

Take a look around. Where are you now? Your office? Your home? Your car? How did you get there? What stories in your life led you to that place? Whose life (or lives) are you emulating? It can do us a world of good to make sure we’re not forgetting the journey even as we […]

Portrait of an Entrepreneur II

Are you working because you want to, or are you working because you have to? I’m fortunate enough to be in the former category. And if you’re not, you can be. If your work is linked to your highest values, you’ll enjoy getting up in the morning. If you know what’s important to you, and […]