Office Hours

How to Run a Weekly Team Meeting

One of the meeting rhythms proscribed by the Rockefeller Habits is the weekly team meeting. As explained by the book “Scaling Up,” ideally these should be weekly meetings involving the different departments in your business. One for sales, one for marketing, one for finance, etc. However, if you’re a small business, odds are you also […]

How to Run a Daily Stand-Up Meeting

The most common meeting in your organization should be the shortest. A daily stand-up should be around 15 minutes, and consist of three areas: Priorities (What are the top three things you’re doing today?) Company KPIs (What are the key metrics for the company? How are we doing as an organization?) Rocks (What are you […]

How To Do a “Lap” of Your Business

It is impossible to know the priorities of your business unless you know every task in that business. Each and every business owner needs to have some kind of system in which they keep track of everything that goes on in their business. This is necessary because, when you go to figure out what’s important […]