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Become the Category King

The most frustrating part of marketing is putting your heart and soul into a campaign to generate leads and business – only for it to generate deafening amounts of silence instead. The art of producing compelling marketing – and compelling video content – is a delicate landscape upon which our guest, Kyle Lasota, deftly moves […]

Intentional vs Non-Intentional

If you want to fully embrace being in command of your life, you must be in command of your intentions. There are lots of people out there satisfied with merely “going with the flow” and giving their power away to others (or God). They’re not doing it intentionally, but their refusal to take accountability for […]

You Can’t Jump the Line

Solving problems is pretty easy when you know what the problem is. But the truth is that we as human beings are fairly bad at identifying the real problem: especially when that real problem is outside of our current ability to put active effort towards solving. In business this can be even more costly. Is […]

The Toll Must be Paid

Working too hard for too little money? This is pretty common for entrepreneurs. And there’s an entirely logical reason for it. It’s because visionaries tend to underestimate or ignore the costs associated with getting what they want. Well, unless the cost is working hard. Most entrepreneurs are perfectly fine with that. But the costs are […]

The Economics of the Mind

What’s the number one thing keeping you from getting more of what you want? If you ask me, it’s the feeling that you don’t deserve it. It doesn’t even matter what the thing you want is. Money, customers, team members, hell, even love. These are all things we won’t be able to receive unless we […]

How to Know If You’re a Fake Guru

There are tons of slimy “personal coaches” out there who are only interested in your credit card number. And there are also tons of entrepreneurs who know how to stand in their value and are dedicated to changing the world while being compensated fairly for it. Sometimes the line between those two things can be […]

Your Clients Don’t Want What They Say They Want

Customer turnover feels horrible. And even the most resilient business owner sometimes wonders if the product or service they’re offering is truly valuable. If it was, wouldn’t 100% of my clients be satisfied and happy? It can be hard to look at one client who changed their life as a result of working with you […]

Why You’re So Salty

You became an entrepreneur because you had a vision for a better future. “If only these people had this product or service! Imagine how great their life would be! Imagine how I could change the world! Imagine the beaches I could live next to!” (Not hating, by the way. There’s no shame in wanting to […]

You Will Suffer

A growing business is not a happy business. Let me throw a hypothetical at you: let’s say you did a webinar tomorrow, and by some miracle, you booked 100 sales calls. How would you feel about that? Pretty good, right? After all, that’s a lot of potential revenue! But that’s only one way of looking […]