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The Power of Mindset

As a business owner, leader, manager, or team member, your mindset is your most valuable asset. So why do so many business owners and leaders disregard mindset work as a low priority? “I’ll get over it,” you might say. Actually, you won’t. Any unresolved emotional perception, decision, or action is stored in your subconscious until […]

Autosuggestion and Faith

Napoleon Hill includes autosuggestion as one of the keys to becoming wealthy in Think and Grow Rich. How do you apply the concepts of autosuggestion, belief, and faith to your life as an entrepreneur? Do you manage your thoughts? Do you programmatically affirm your future into existence? Can you? Today I want to explore those […]

Disciplines and Rituals

How rituals and systems differentiate A-players from the rest.

Rituals of Meaning

On today’s show, we’re talking about rituals of meaning and how your stories of stress actually have nothing to do with the actions you think you need to take and are instead entirely related to your resistance to making decisions.

I Know the Meaning of Life

Have you forgotten why you’re here? No, not on Facebook. On the planet. Are you keeping your daily actions aligned with your purpose? Or are you being taken off-track by emergencies, crises, and emotional black holes? Don’t beat yourself up for it. It happens to everyone…just not at the same frequency. There are tools that […]

Change Your Life by Changing Your Perceptions

One of the subjects that I’m most inspired to learn and explore are the principles of human behavior. At this week’s MAPS meeting I had the opportunity to give some coaching to Andrew Bennett and I’m blessed to have his permission to release this particularly intimate episode of Daily Genius. Let us know your thoughts.

7 Areas of Life Discovery and Planning

Simple ways to inspire your goal setting.