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The Wild West of Business

One of the many reasons it’s tough to own a business is because it’s entirely your accountability. Even (and especially) if you have a team, the burden to keep that business functional and profitable all comes down to you. And even if you do everything “right,” in theory, if you don’t get the results you […]


In this vlog episode I talk about why business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to build their influence need to produce more content. The cold hard truth is that the attention is in this platform, and if you aren’t there when THEY’RE there, they won’t be thinking of you when it’s time to […]

The 2019 Studio D Shootout

It’s hard to believe it’s number 5! 4 years ago I decided to plan my own birthday party. I thought it’d be fun to have a bunch of my photographer friends come to my studio, have some food and drinks, and have a little photography competition. I call it the Studio D Shootout. It means […]

We Have Big Dreams

“I became a business owner because I had too…” I was at my dad’s house a few months ago. I was sitting in his kitchen. The light was pouring in through the 1980’s venetian blinds. They were showing their age with some of them perfectly lined up letting light in, and the few that were […]

Lunch With Geniuses

In the season 1 finale of Daily Genius, you get an inside look at the first Measurable Genius family lunch. I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to do over the past year, and I’m super excited to unveil our plans for 2018… but that’s another episode (specifically, the first episode of season two)! […]

The Daily Genius Top 10

We’ve finally hit the century-mark here on Daily Genius. That’s a lot of content… as Warren will soon tell you. Take a look back at some of the best episodes of the video blog as Warren takes you through his own top 10. Agree? Disagree? Give us a list in the comments!

I Will 10x Your Investment

Do you have an idea that can change people’s lives? Do you have a vision for how things can be different than they are? Can you see a way to serve people in a way that isn’t happening yet? Even if you didn’t answer ‘yes’ to those questions, I bet you do. And the reason […]

Live-Stream Live is Alive

What was the last major purchase you or your company made? I’m willing to bet you made that purchase from someone you trusted, right? But here’s the thing: where was the origin of that relationship? For a small business, forming those relationships is crucial. There’s so much information out there today, data can’t be your […]

I Can’t Hold All These Solutions

Solving problems is what we do best at Measurable Genius, and we’re always looking for new ways to do just that. Today on Daily Genius we look at a new backup solution for our clients, and I talk to Rob about how we can transform one of our solutions to help our great clients at […]