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Ticket Troubles

A key focus for any service company is finding new ways to improve the quality of that service for your clients, and here at Measurable Genius we’re constantly revising and updating our systems to do just that. On today’s episode, we take an in-depth in look at our service cycle, I get a head massage, […]

I Don’t Want New Customers

Growing your business is about more than just getting new customers. Today I talked to my sales team about the two types of systems that drive the financial growth of the company, and have a meeting with Boulevard Exteriors’ Jason Anderson to talk landing pages. It’s not about new leads, it’s about doing more with […]

Words Alter Reality

If you’ve never thought before about the power of language and the nature of words, spend some time meditating on it. Words can change our lives in some very powerful, subtle ways. Learn the difference between eggshell white and bone white on today’s episode of Daily Genius.

Change Your Model of Thinking

The universe and any business are more complicated than just a simple model of cause-and-effect. Everything Is the result of interlocking systems, which can be broadly defined into reinforcing and balancing systems. In today’s episode of Daily Genius, I attend MAPS with Rene Querido and Everett, and we eat breakfast!

Droning On

I was out of the office today installing new computers for our clients, but that doesn’t mean our business stopped. On today’s episode, we get an important PSA from Mike, we learn about Jamie’s poncho, and Warren takes the drone out flying and discusses the topic of mattering.

Can You Tell We Love J.A.R.V.I.S.?

Today we go on another field trip to Hearth & Home: Fireplace & Home Renovations to deploy and train on J.A.R.V.I.S. PLUS, I discover a Facebook memory from 5 years ago when I sold a program called Life Mission Mastery using my first video sales funnel – we’ve included some of that amazing footage.

Systems Thinking

Have you ever found yourself making the problems in your business your own fault or the fault of someone else? Systems thinking challenges the idea that anyone is at fault. We make decisions based on the results and the influences of the systems that govern us.

He’s a Cool Dude

Today’s episode of Daily Genius is an accidentally amazing testimonial for my mentor, Dr John Demartini. Also, I took Warren Bardsley on a trip to do some training on flying the DJI Mavic Pro.

Growing Pains

Measurable Genius is definitely experiencing some growing pains and I find that difficult to manage. In many ways it makes me feel not good enough. I’m sure many business owners feel the same way. This episode is about that. Also, Warren killed a coyote and Geordie Keith helped him, so that’s nice.

Daily Genius Turns 30

Today Daily Genius turns 30 – episodes, that is. So we decided to chat with the team about what impact Daily Genius has had on their life, how it’s impacted us at work, and how we think it’s impacted you. Have you been impacted by Daily Genius? We hope so. We put a lot of […]