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Trying to Have it All Leaves You With Nothing

The biggest threat to any business is the owner of that business. As entrepreneurs, we’ve already decided to tackle one of the most challenging things anyone could possibly do: build a business. For one reason or another, we’ve committed ourselves to take on accountability when so many people spend their lives desperately trying to avoid […]

How to Set Goals Like Donald Trump

“If you can’t say the downsides of a goal, you don’t have a goal.” If you want to achieve anything meaningful, in life or in business, you need to have a goal based in reality and not on fantasy. The goal needs to be articulated, investigated, and broken down into incremental steps that you can […]

Do the Right Thing

There’s no greater foe to growth than being out of balance with certainty. If you have too little, you’ll constantly be second-guessing and doubting any plans you ever make. You’ll get flustered by failure, and constantly shuffle things around to try and appease your emotional side. But if you have too much, you’ll become stubborn […]
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