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Jay Fiset’s Live Stream Testimonial for Measurable Genius

Several months ago Alexander was sitting in Denny’s with Jennifer and he made the decision to invest in the infrastructure necessary to deliver broadcast-quality live multi-camera live streaming. When Alexander told the team that not only was Measurable Genius going to purchase the equipment, but they were going to do so and then deliver a […]

World Building

I’m going to re-brand “content marketing” as “worldbuilding.” Each of the people who experience your content experience a completely different world in their minds’ eye. That storytelling is something that we can become a part of, if we choose to be, as marketers. We have the opportunity to build a sense of culture and a […]

Seeing Forward in Time & Space

If a goal doesn’t “feel” real to you, the likelihood of you achieving that goal is near zero. That feeling comes from your subconscious. And even if you really, really want to achieve that goal – even if you put all of your conscious effort towards it – your subconscious will trip you up every […]
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