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One of the most difficult parts of running a business is asking for help. Whether that be from your team, or from an outside coach or mentor, admitting you can’t do it all yourself can be a real ego test. But if you’re really dedicated to growing your business, to taking it above and beyond, […]

We Have Big Dreams

“I became a business owner because I had too…” I was at my dad’s house a few months ago. I was sitting in his kitchen. The light was pouring in through the 1980’s venetian blinds. They were showing their age with some of them perfectly lined up letting light in, and the few that were […]


There’s a little kernel of truth hidden in every conversation. I relish my morning mastermind sessions because it gives me the chance to look beyond the surface of what’s being said and get into the real issues. For example, Geordie said he didn’t like the word “sharing”. And with a little coaching from me, we […]
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