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Reframe that Perspective

“Oh my God, I’m never going to have time to do all of this. And isn’t it going to be really expensive?” Yes. It’s going to be some work. And you’ll need to hire some team or pay an agency like mine to produce some content. At scale, though, none of that matters. It all […]

The Legend of the Live Stream Workshop

Production value sells. If you’ve got a high-ticket event, funnel, or mastermind, you’re not going to attract much attention filming a webinar in your basement with poor lighting and crackling audio. At best, you’re going to get tire-kickers, and at worst you’re going to get nobody. But what if you took that same webinar and […]

Time to Get Efficient

There’s a common adage: work smarter, not harder. Well, great advice. What are you supposed to do with that? One of the ways I’ve interpreted that advice is by creating a list that tells me what the exact right thing is to do at any given moment. Or, as Rene cleverly put it this episode, […]
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