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Beware the Pipeline

Entrepreneurship is a lot like video game development, especially when you’re a service provider. You have a player base (clients), that you have to make happy with regular content updates (projects). And if they’re not happy with the work you’re doing, they’re very vocal about making sure you hear it. In order to make money […]

You Are Irrelevant to Your Clients

If you’re going to be successful in the joint venture game, you need to intimately know your client journey. That all begins with realizing the truth that you’re not at the centre of your client’s universe. They will appreciate you for the problem that you solve (hopefully!), but you need to understand that all of […]

Profit Per Bullet?

Are you putting your resources to work in the most effective and efficient way possible? A relatively simple question, but unpacking it can lead you to some valuable insights. One of the ways you can try to answer that question is by finding your business’ own “Profit per X,” a measurement of which single variable […]
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