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48671108_343622443142541_2448670815202312192_nTell Stories to the World

Tell Stories to the World

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…” There’s probably a no better illustration of the power of storytelling. All I need to do is say those words and you’re immediately thinking of Star Wars. See, when we find a story we like and we really resonate with it, we buy in. We […]

Seeing Forward in Time & Space

If a goal doesn’t “feel” real to you, the likelihood of you achieving that goal is near zero. That feeling comes from your subconscious. And even if you really, really want to achieve that goal – even if you put all of your conscious effort towards it – your subconscious will trip you up every […]
thumbnailThe Command & Conquer Debrief

The Command & Conquer Debrief

This weekend was the seventh (and first virtual) edition of Command & Conquer, our quarterly business planning workshop. If you’re soon going to be hosting your own virtual workshop, check out this episode of Incremental Progress: where you’re going to get a total overview of what worked well, what didn’t, and the little things you […]
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