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Do What You Love or Love What You DoDo What You Love or Love What You DoDo What You Love or Love What You Do

Do What You Love or Love What You Do

How much money are you wasting by avoiding hiring? Are you throwing away time doing tasks that don’t return much per hour, in terms of dollars, when you could delegate them to someone else? Are you sapping your energy doing things you don’t want to do because no one else has been given that accountability? […]


You guys have heard me say before that dissatisfaction drives innovation. Well, I started off the day today dissatisfied with something: how can we turn our website traffic into customers? We started breaking down the problem and dove into a rabbit hole: what’s our single point of conversion? What does our funnel look like? What […]


Left to his own devices, the wild videographer will naturally retreat to his habitat of choice: a picturesque park. Searching for food, or perhaps a mate, he will inevitably film educational segments. Join us, won’t you, as we get an inside look on one such segment. Videographers really are fascinating creatures, aren’t they? (Visited 16 […]
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