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You are not Obvious

“I’m actually a genius!” This is how you’re going to feel once you give yourself permission to produce content and put yourself on camera. Producing content marketing is going to cause you to learn about yourself in ways you never imagined. You’ll manifest these amazing moments where someone notices something that you thought was obvious […]

The Theory of Constraints

Let’s say you’ve got some task, goal, or result that you want in your life. Let’s also say that this is a result that you want to occur with some regularity. For example, let’s take this content right here. It’s part of my grand social media strategy … and it’s necessary for anyone who wants […]

Get Magnetic

What type of lead magnet is best for you? Obviously, every business owner knows they need lead magnets. They’re essential to growing your list and they sit at the very top of your funnels. But with all the information floating around out there, it can be pretty intimidating to try and think of what method […]
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