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Higher Mind Lower Mind Deep Cuts

Ever wonder why you end up experiencing your unique set of challenges in life? Many people experience life in a way that appears to repeat over and over again in cycles, themes, or recurring “lessons.” You guys asked us to start to include content that goes deeper into the meat of things so I asked […]

Profit Per Puppy

The economic engine of your business can be measured as Profit per X. What “X” is in your business is something you have to figure out for yourself. This metric represents the “flywheel” of your company because when you change the critical number, it has an astronomical impact on all other areas of the business. […]

You Don’t Need a List to Joint Venture

One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make about joint ventures is assuming that they need a massive e-mail list in order to find people that they can JV with. If you learn nothing else from Jay Fiset, learn this: joint ventures are about relationships. It’s not about leveraging assets for a return. Is that […]
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