How to Run a Weekly Team Meeting

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One of the meeting rhythms proscribed by the Rockefeller Habits is the weekly team meeting.

As explained by the book “Scaling Up,” ideally these should be weekly meetings involving the different departments in your business. One for sales, one for marketing, one for finance, etc.

However, if you’re a small business, odds are you also have a small team. Rather than breaking that small team out into a bunch of different departments, it may be easier simply to gather your entire team for the meeting.

Here’s the agenda:

  1. Wins
  2. Confrontations (This is not a part of the Scaling-Up framework, but here at MGI it’s been a fantastic addition)
  3. A Review of the Quarterly Priorities
  4. A Review of the Quarter’s Critical Number

But here’s the secret sauce: the meeting is still valuable no matter how far you make it through the agenda.

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