Intentional vs Non-Intentional

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If you want to fully embrace being in command of your life, you must be in command of your intentions.

There are lots of people out there satisfied with merely “going with the flow” and giving their power away to others (or God). They’re not doing it intentionally, but their refusal to take accountability for their own life will inevitably lead them towards emotional volatility, subjugation to authority figures, a sense of entitlement, depletion of their material resources…the list goes on.

They do that because they haven’t taken the time to figure out what they really want out of their life. They’re going with the flow because they’re indecisive. They don’t have clear goals or missions that they can focus on.

That’s a way to live, and many people subscribe to it. I’m not going to say they’re bad people for living like that. If that’s their choice, so be it. I just think it means they’ll end up working for me.

I choose to have clear intentions. I choose to define those intentions and investigate what I can do to make them real. I choose to work towards a mission in life that inspires me and challenges me.

I choose to grow. And you can, too.

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