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The most frustrating part of marketing is putting your heart and soul into a campaign to generate leads and business – only for it to generate deafening amounts of silence instead.

The art of producing compelling marketing – and compelling video content – is a delicate landscape upon which our guest, Kyle Lasota, deftly moves his brush. Having worked with entrepreneurs like Brendon Buchard, Scott Oldford, and Sam Ovens, Kyle has developed a framework for telling powerful stories that drive engagement, lead generation, and most importantly, conversions.

This framework teaches 7-figure entrepreneurs how to become the “Category King,” and how deceptively simple it can be for them to be seen and recognized for their authentic gifts while looking awesome along the way.

Kyle gave a ton of value during this interview – so any small business owner looking for ways to improve both their organic and paid marketing can find some pearls of wisdom.

Among other things, we covered:

  • The most important, yet most overlooked marketing philosophy
  • The CAR method to establishing a foothold in a market and building an audience
  • Foolproof ways to generate leads with organic video content
  • What most highly successful entrepreneurs overlook – and how to get started doing what they haven’t yet
  • Tips for looking awesome on-camera and delivering highly valuable content
  • 3 easy steps anyone can take to start becoming the category king in their market
  • Why having an accurate customer avatar is essential to crafting great content (and how to create one)

Check out the video and get started becoming category royalty today!

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