Actions Aren’t the Point

Working IN a system is very different than working ON a system. Business owners have to do both of these things simultaneously. But if they want to grow and scale, they need to spend more time doing the latter instead of the former. Think about it: working IN a system keeps it running. It produces […]

Lily Pads on Ponds

Areas in your business that you do not have under command tend to break down in a way that isn’t obvious. If you wait until you can see the problem obviously, you’re probably going to be too late to prevent a significant challenge or emergency. It’s way less work to keep things in command than […]

The Gospel of You

IT’S YOUR DUTY! You HAVE to evangelize the gospel of what you believe in. Maybe you don’t like the phrase “content marketing.” OK. Fine. Use this word instead: world-building. Build a world in the mind of your customer.