How to Set Goals Like Donald Trump

“If you can’t say the downsides of a goal, you don’t have a goal.” If you want to achieve anything meaningful, in life or in business, you need to have a goal based in reality and not on fantasy. The goal needs to be articulated, investigated, and broken down into incremental steps that you can […]

Give Yourself Permission to be Yourself

We’re at our best for others when we think most about ourselves. Bold claim. But there’s a lot going on there, so let me unpack it for you. You’re best able to tackle and overcome obstacles when you take on challenges that are inherently inspiring and meaningful to you. To be precise, those are the […]

Fill Your Life With the Highest Priority

If you don’t use your resources to accomplish high-priority, meaningful goals, they’ll be consumed by low-priority annoyances. The best example of this is time. Have you ever noticed that, when you’ve got some unallocated time in your schedule, it tends to get used up dealing with short-term, emotion-based, unrewarding activities? Maybe it’s a client who […]

Don’t Get Caught in the Time Trap

“If you require motivation to do what you say is important, it isn’t important.” I’m very fortunate to be able to learn from a man as smart as Dr. John Demartini, and this quote really sums up what I’m sure a lot of you have heard from me before: there is no better indicator to […]