Fill Your Life With the Highest Priority

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If you don’t use your resources to accomplish high-priority, meaningful goals, they’ll be consumed by low-priority annoyances.

The best example of this is time. Have you ever noticed that, when you’ve got some unallocated time in your schedule, it tends to get used up dealing with short-term, emotion-based, unrewarding activities?

Maybe it’s a client who feels behind and pushes their urgency onto you. Maybe it’s a team member who feels panicked when nothing is really all that wrong. It could even be you overreacting to some perceived threat.

And if your whole day goes like that, you don’t feel too great at the end, do you?

But if your day is scheduled full of high-priority activities that are meaningful to you, you’re able to focus on the task at hand. You’re able to put your head down and get to work with certainty and clarity.

I’ve seen enough of both of those kinds of days to know that I’d much rather have the latter.

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