Do the Right Thing

There’s no greater foe to growth than being out of balance with certainty. If you have too little, you’ll constantly be second-guessing and doubting any plans you ever make. You’ll get flustered by failure, and constantly shuffle things around to try and appease your emotional side. But if you have too much, you’ll become stubborn […]

You Are in Charge of Your Actions

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” I bring up this quote from Socrates because there’s a perception out there that we are not in control of our emotions and our reactions. And while it’s true that we cannot stop our brains from feeling certain ways … it is possible to take ownership of your […]

Account for Value

You need to know the difference between accountability and responsibility in order to successfully scale up an organization. Some people mash all these words together thinking they mean the same thing. People need clear lines to know how to do their jobs.