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There’s no greater foe to growth than being out of balance with certainty.

If you have too little, you’ll constantly be second-guessing and doubting any plans you ever make. You’ll get flustered by failure, and constantly shuffle things around to try and appease your emotional side.

But if you have too much, you’ll become stubborn and rigid, unable to adapt to changing circumstances and unwilling to admit your own mistakes.

Some people call this “making game-day decisions,” and they’re the worst kind of decisions you can make.

Striking a balance is extremely hard. But with practice, you’ll get better at it. Like with anything, certainty and confidence are acquired skills.

How do you practice it?

Grab your plan and stick to it. Commit to doing your best to achieving whatever goals you’ve got written down. Be strong enough to honour your commitments, but humble enough to admit it when the goal turns out not to have been as important as you thought.

And if you don’t have a plan…that’s step one.

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