Punctuated Progress

I really believe in the power of incremental progress. It’s one of my company values. It’s the name of my weekly show (Wednesdays at 11:45 am Mountain Time on Facebook). It’s how we find evidence that we’re fulfilling our dreams. However, there are times a whole bunch of incremental progress in different areas will come […]

Agent 007

We’re Incremental Progress machines. That’s because we are aware of our resources and we’ve put them in order. We understand our priorities. We manage our resources wisely. We put things in order before we take action, so we know we’re working on the highest priority actions possible. It’s impossible to not be productive if you […]

Help People Decide

When you ask someone who isn’t ready to make a decision to make a decision … they freeze. Decisions carry weight. Don’t put people into fight or flight by inappropriately making offers to them when they aren’t ready to decide. People need bite-sized steps. Help them get to know you first. Any transaction represents a […]