Alexander Ford

A Message to Business Owners During Hard Times

What is currently occurring in the market is a significant re-organization of economic relativity. Over the next several weeks and months you and your business will either move up or down relative to others. However, none of us will know what the results of this re-organization will look like for months… the decisions you make […]

Let’s Talk About Narcissism

When I realized that most of the entrepreneurs and business owners I work I’m in relationship with have difficulties embracing their ability to receive, I was shocked. The insight emerged from a series of coaching calls during which I realized that it wasn’t their willingness to serve or an incapability to create value that was […]

The Marriage of Offer and Content

The easiest way to produce content for your business is to base it on your offer. If you sell a Lamborghini, you need to produce very different content than someone who sells photography. And if you sell a coaching program, that’s another different strategy… Essentially, you can break down every offer into one of four […]

Massively Increase Your Sales And Impact Through Speaking

Most business owners and entrepreneurs who speak from stages fail to generate new leads or acquire new customers. In this episode of Start With Why I’m interviewing Kat Halushka and Kimberly Carson-Richards, co-founders of Profitable Impact Academy and the team behind the Profitable Speaker Bootcamp on why speaking is an important strategy and why most […]

Put Your Money to Work

One of the themes that emerged at one of our recent Command & Conquer workshops was the question, “what exactly do I want in my life?” It’s easy to get carried away. Most of us tell ourselves and others that we know EXACTLY why we do what we do. But that couldn’t be further from […]

Are You Binge-Worthy?

Building a content-marketing machine is the single most important long-term investment that you can make today in your business. Of course, I’m not expecting you to go from 0 to Gary V overnight. But by starting today, and by learning the principles of what successful and effective content marketing looks like, you can start traveling […]

Want to be Objection Proof?

You’re never going to overcome an objection that you agree with. Let’s say you sell a high-ticket program or service, and you feel rushed, overwhelmed, and too busy. What are you going to say when you’re on a sales call with a lead who tells you that they’d love to work with you if they […]

Position Your Wow Factor

Before you even finish reading this sentence, I’ve bet you’ve already unconsciously decided whether you like me or not (would it help if I told you that you look great in that outfit?) These unconscious computations mean that, if you’re a person who makes a living by speaking, you’ve got a short window of time […]