Why Content and Value is the Key to Scaling Your (Speaking) Business

Most speakers, coaches, and consultants are completely overwhelmed by all of the marketing activities they “should” be doing. The competing advice echoes from the rafters as each specialized consultant proclaims that their magic trick will solve your marketing problems for good.

“You should do video!” says the videographer. “No, start with your website!” says the web developer. “SEO is the key to the kingdom,” spouts the Search Engine Marketing expert.

Confused, most business owners and entrepreneurs are left spinning in circles, aimlessly tackling project after project, yet achieving little to no meaningful progress in building a marketing machine that produces real, qualified leads.

At this upcoming Super Saturday, Alexander Ford will reveal to you how to build a marketing machine that actually works, by carefully demonstrating how each strategy works together and what actions you can take NOW to acquire new leads for your business.

Alexander will also share with you how to frame your communication in your marketing and on your sales calls so that your prospects can’t help but want to buy from you without using slimy sales tactics or manipulation so that you can convert those leads into customers.

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also learn a series of proven strategies that are guaranteed to help you get crystal clear on which priorities to focus on in order to grow your business. Business owners and entrepreneurs hire Alexander and his team at Measurable Genius to become scaling growth firms in their industries and he will be sharing how you can know with absolute clarity what to focus on each day to do the same.

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