JVology Joint Venture Roadmap Livestream Workshop 2019-08

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Go First and Provide Value

What can you do to establish a joint venture with a bigger player than you are? The first thing you have to do is become relevant. No matter how big or small your business, no one will be willing to JV with someone they don’t know. You have to establish a relationship first. Once they […]

You Don’t Need a List to Joint Venture

One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make about joint ventures is assuming that they need a massive e-mail list in order to find people that they can JV with. If you learn nothing else from Jay Fiset, learn this: joint ventures are about relationships. It’s not about leveraging assets for a return. Is that […]

Work With Your Competition

Our results in life are a direct consequence of the beliefs we hold. For example, one of the beliefs that I see time and time again from many entrepreneurs is that they absolutely must not help others in a similar industry as them. They see business as a zero-sum game, and every piece of profit […]

What Beliefs Are Driving You?

What you do is an unconscious expression of the sacred beliefs you hold about yourself and the world. For example, let’s take the average entrepreneur. What beliefs do they have about themselves that lead them to start a business? Well, they probably have a capacity and appetite for hard work that many others lack. They […]

Our Greatest Weakness Is Our Strength Turned Up Too Loud

It is absolutely astounding how many entrepreneurs are trying to do everything by themselves. You and I both know that simply STARTING a successful business is tremendously difficult, let alone trying to scale it up. And the most common response to that difficulty is to do what entrepreneurs do best: buckling down and working hard. […]