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Our results in life are a direct consequence of the beliefs we hold.

For example, one of the beliefs that I see time and time again from many entrepreneurs is that they absolutely must not help others in a similar industry as them. They see business as a zero-sum game, and every piece of profit that doesn’t end up squarely in their lap is wasted.
That belief is keeping them trapped and struggling.

Why? Because joint ventures are one of the best ways around to grow your business, and it’s also something you’ll never do unless you adopt the belief that we’re better together. That entrepreneurs can and must work together to not only serve our clients better but make more money doing it.

Just because someone is trying to serve the same clients as you, doesn’t necessarily make them your competition. And I am willing to bet, with every last coin I’ve got, that you can serve them better by working together than you can by fighting and scrapping for their money like dogs hunting for dinner scraps.

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