Your Feelings Mean Nothing

There’s a Bruce Lee quote floating around the internet right now that talks about this concept. Your feelings are a distraction from the mission – your mission – whatever you want to call it. You owe it to yourself to stay focused on what is important. Let neither praise not reprimand distract you from your […]

World Building

I’m going to re-brand “content marketing” as “worldbuilding.” Each of the people who experience your content experience a completely different world in their minds’ eye. That storytelling is something that we can become a part of, if we choose to be, as marketers. We have the opportunity to build a sense of culture and a […]

Help People Decide

When you ask someone who isn’t ready to make a decision to make a decision … they freeze. Decisions carry weight. Don’t put people into fight or flight by inappropriately making offers to them when they aren’t ready to decide. People need bite-sized steps. Help them get to know you first. Any transaction represents a […]

The Gospel of You

IT’S YOUR DUTY! You HAVE to evangelize the gospel of what you believe in. Maybe you don’t like the phrase “content marketing.” OK. Fine. Use this word instead: world-building. Build a world in the mind of your customer.

The Purpose of Life

People make a pretty big deal of out the whole “meaning of life” thing. To me it’s abundantly obvious. The purpose of life is to grow. The purpose of life is to start out unrefined and move as much as we can towards refinement. How do you grow? That’s easy, too. By taking on and […]