Skip The Plan

Maybe your track record with goal-setting isn’t the greatest. It’s hard. It’s something you have to work at every day. Even if you miss a day, just get up and try again.

Do the Right Thing

There’s no greater foe to growth than being out of balance with certainty. If you have too little, you’ll constantly be second-guessing and doubting any plans you ever make. You’ll get flustered by failure, and constantly shuffle things around to try and appease your emotional side. But if you have too much, you’ll become stubborn […]

Kill the Constraints

What’s stopping you from having what you say you want to have? Here’s the thing about the universe: it doesn’t reward hard work for its own sake. If you’ve been putting massive effort into something and you haven’t achieved it yet, chances are pretty good that something other than work is preventing you from having […]

Rephecy – A Word Dr. John Demartini Made Up

A prophet is someone who can predict the future. A rephet is someone who learns from their past. You’re a rephet by default – it doesn’t take a genius to do better next time. We all have that permission slip. It doesn’t make any of us special. A master believes it before he sees it. […]

Your Feelings Mean Nothing

There’s a Bruce Lee quote floating around the internet right now that talks about this concept. Your feelings are a distraction from the mission – your mission – whatever you want to call it. You owe it to yourself to stay focused on what is important. Let neither praise not reprimand distract you from your […]

The Theory of Constraints

Let’s say you’ve got some task, goal, or result that you want in your life. Let’s also say that this is a result that you want to occur with some regularity. For example, let’s take this content right here. It’s part of my grand social media strategy … and it’s necessary for anyone who wants […]

The Polymath

Every system in a business is a pipe. You’ve got your sales pipe, your marketing pipe, your operations pipe, and so on. Each pipe is responsible for taking the effort of the people who do the work in that system and turning it into a result (the result depends on the pipe, naturally). Let’s say […]

One Free Radical

The only bad decision is one made without all the data present. That puts business owners in a pretty tough situation. As their organizations grow in size, they become fantastically complicated. They can become such a dense cluster of processes and systems that they feel opaque. So what happens when they plan? They can’t achieve […]