Kill the Constraints

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What’s stopping you from having what you say you want to have?

Here’s the thing about the universe: it doesn’t reward hard work for its own sake. If you’ve been putting massive effort into something and you haven’t achieved it yet, chances are pretty good that something other than work is preventing you from having it.

The unfortunate truth is that none of us are owed anything, no matter how much we bust our hump to try and get it. So rather than doubling-down and assuming you just need to work even harder, take a moment to examine the goal you’re working towards.

What are the actual constraints that are keeping you from achieving this goal? What other systems and mechanisms exist that are preventing you from realizing the fruit of your labour?

See, systems work in life just as they do in business. There are hordes of business owners out there who are working hard and spending active effort when the true constraint is in a passive system. And any active effort spent beyond the constraint of a passive system is wasted. If you’re not aware of the existence of that passive system, and the constraints that lie within it, you’re going to end up wasting a ton of your work.

Don’t martyr yourself for nothing.

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