Return on Investment

What’s the difference between someone who says they want to make money and makes it, versus someone who says they want to make money but doesn’t make it? You may remember I posed this question to a group of high school students in an episode of Daily Genius. I’m repeating it here because it illustrates […]


How much time do you invest in getting into the specificities of your own mind? Of your own life and business plans? Or are you just out in the world smashing into shit? If you build a vision in your mind that makes sense, it has a much higher probability of coming true. It’s all […]

Capturing Attention

There are stages of awareness you need to be aware of when you’re building an audience by producing content. First, they become aware of you. Then, if you’re lucky, they realize they have a need you can help them with and they become in-consideration of you. An even smaller number of those in-consideration of you […]