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What’s the difference between someone who says they want to make money and makes it, versus someone who says they want to make money but doesn’t make it?

You may remember I posed this question to a group of high school students in an episode of Daily Genius. I’m repeating it here because it illustrates a great point.

Which is that the person who says they want to make money and doesn’t probably doesn’t want to make money.

Of course, they probably don’t realize it. It’s likely that, at the time they set that goal, they were looking up to someone who had a lot of money.

Or maybe they had been hearing over and over that they SHOULD be making a lot of money. They set that goal because they were looking outward, not inward.

To the degree that you set goals that are aligned with your own behaviour and your own values, you’ll do better in your life AND in your business.

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