Have any Friends?

It’s hard to transact with individuals who haven’t been told any stories. There are lots of ways to convert prospects into customers online, but few people who are willing to simply invest in the art of storytelling and content production. But if you expand your vision into the long-term, you’ll find that inspiring and effective […]

Reframe Your Perspective on Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t a gamble. Of course, there are variables, like the quality of your content, your customers’ perceptions of your products and services, the volatility of the market, or click-through and landing page conversion rates. It doesn’t change the fact that every business can ultimately determine their customer acquisition cost if they try hard […]

Evidence of Engagement

Your clients automatically demonstrate what is most important and meaningful to them through their behavior. You can literally tell a story that meets their needs, triggers their voids, and stimulates their values… Then you can pay Facebook money to target those individuals with your marketing and include valuable offers to subscribe to your services or […]

It’s All About You

If it’s more about you than it is about them in your relationship, you’ll try to transactionalize it. It means you need them more than they need you. The results you’ll get from that relationship will be proportionate to that. To serve someone, you need to be able to see and serve them in a […]

The Business Owner’s Delusion

Marketing isn’t sales. If you demand an ROI on the first leg of your marketing engagement, you’re making a huge mistake. Luckily, everyone is doing it. Stop expecting a return on your first layer of marketing engagement. It’s short-sighted and it’s killing your ability to tell a story that enrolls your audience.

Half-built Buildings

“I’ve been burned one too many times.” Have you heard yourself saying this before? You’ve hired someone to help you solve a problem but you’ve ended up with systems, websites, branding guides, and marketing funnels that have returned you a big fat zero. That’s the worst part. You’ve tried everything. And it never came together. […]