Warren Bardsley

MGI 04

The Paradox of Self-Promotion

Wouldn’t it just be great if everyone in the market already knew what you did and how good you are at it? Yet, that’s the thorniest part of running a business. How do you stand out in the vast sea 🌊 of people and products all vying for the most important resource a business can […]
MGI 03


In this vlog episode I talk about why business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to build their influence need to produce more content. The cold hard truth is that the attention is in this platform, and if you aren’t there when THEY’RE there, they won’t be thinking of you when it’s time to […]
MGI 01

Don’t Abdicate Your Accountability

You can’t hide from your money. I have nothing against book keepers or accountants, but I think a lot of business owners abdicate to them much too early. Your cash flow is the life-blood of your business. Your financial data is the foundation of your strategic planning. Knowing your numbers is mandatory to effectively run […]
IP 56

Offline Marketing – Not Dead Yet!

No matter what you’re selling, it’s easier to sell it to someone right in front of you. While having an online presence is undoubtedly important, I’ve noticed that too many business owners seem to forget the low-tech marketing options available to them. Networking and face-to-face communication are still important. And on this episode of Incremental […]
ip 55

Don’t Put Lipstick On a Pig

Every great product needs a great offer. As we covered last week, many business owners are frustrated by the inconsistency of paid traffic and caught up in the idea that spending money on ads is a gamble, which simply isn’t true. Probably. See, if you’re out there putting a bad offer in front of cold […]

How to Book $100 Sales Calls: A Case Study

Have you seen those Facebook ads from coaches and programs offering you their secret formula to making seven figures without spending a dime on Facebook ads? Bit weird, isn’t it? Something I’ve noticed lately (and I’m sure you’ve seen it too) is this weird pushback against acquiring paid traffic. And on some level, I get […]

Spending Time on Facebook is Your Job

If you want to grow your business, you need to be spending more time scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed. And before you ask, yes, I have seen those TEDx talks with the professor types preaching that social media is rotting our brains and crafting us into twitchy, focus-deprived balls of neuroses. Like with all black-and-white […]

The Art of Deserving

Do you feel stuck and unable to achieve what you really want? Are you often feeling that “life would be better if…?” And yes, I mean “we.” Episode 50 also features my videographer and fellow human behavioural expert, Stephan Gardner. It’s a conversation between the two of us to help you find your worthiness again. […]
Hiring is a Favour

Hiring is a Favour

Firing someone is one of the most difficult things a business owner can do. And that’s perfectly understandable. There’s a lot of emotion wrapped up in it. Having said that, it is an absolutely necessary activity for a business owner. And the better you get at it, the better your organization will be. Why? Because […]