Warren Bardsley


Why You Need a Producer

Think back to the last seminar or event you attended. What was the promised outcome vs. what you actually got out of it? Did they match up? Or did you walk away disappointed? If you think about it, you’ll find that the quality of an event (or even a coaching program or course) has little […]

You’re Not the Hero

Every service provider that cares wants to do a good job for their client. But doing that “good job” isn’t solely about producing results. In fact, when you’re too focused on results, you actually hamper your ability to provide the very service or transformation your client is seeking. Time to take a step back. On […]
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Selling is Serving

There’s this pervasive idea in our culture that sales is the art of manipulation, and that it doesn’t really matter if a person needs your product or service or not so long as they give you their money. Let me make it clear: a selfish salesperson is a bad salesperson. The most important thing you […]

Planning is Inconvenient

Business owners work longer and harder than anyone else on the planet. They are excellent at getting things rolling and persevering through challenges that would case others to give up. But this relentless drive comes with its own drawbacks. Entrepreneurs accumulate debt (which includes, but is not limited to, financial debt) at a significant rate […]

Defend Your Culture

Many business owners think the primary asset of their company is the product or service that they provide. . As in, if they were to sell their business, the thing that would be worth the most to investors is the actual work that business does. . Undoubtedly, that is a factor. But it isn’t the […]

Meaning = Productivity

If you don’t know yourself, you don’t know your business. If you are an entrepreneur, your business is an extension of yourself. It’s the vehicle through which you can achieve something meaningful in the world. If your long-term vision for your business is clouded, if your plans never seem to come true (or if they […]

You Can Do It, But You’re Not

Your mindset is the biggest risk to your business. This applies to far more than just positive thinking. While optimism has its place, we also need to be aware of our blind spots – what is our brain hiding from us that we don’t even know about? My good friend and client David Mehler helps […]

There Is No “I” in Team, but There Is “Me”

Many small business owners become managers out of necessity – well before they’re equipped with the skills and the mindset necessary to really grow and develop a team of A-players. The unfortunate reality is that poor management is a handicap for your business. And while it’s not a skill you’re going to master overnight, there […]

Become Your Avatar

If you want new leads, the worst thing you can tell people is what you do. In fact, the less you talk about yourself, the better. The unfortunate truth every marketer needs to realize is that the market doesn’t really give a flying fork about you or your product. Human beings are selfish, and you […]
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The Wild West of Business

One of the many reasons it’s tough to own a business is because it’s entirely your accountability. Even (and especially) if you have a team, the burden to keep that business functional and profitable all comes down to you. And even if you do everything “right,” in theory, if you don’t get the results you […]