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If a goal doesn’t “feel” real to you, the likelihood of you achieving that goal is near zero.

That feeling comes from your subconscious. And even if you really, really want to achieve that goal – even if you put all of your conscious effort towards it – your subconscious will trip you up every time if it isn’t convinced it’s real.

What should you do with a stubborn subconscious?

Show it new data. See, that ‘lower mind’ isn’t malicious. It simply takes all the evidence you’ve gathered in your life and comes to a decision based on that evidence.

It’s a machine. You give it inputs, it produces outputs. And just like any machine, if you want to change the output, you need new inputs.

If you want a goal to feel achievable, you need evidence to support that you can achieve it. It’s simple in theory, but difficult in practice.

But I promise you one thing: it’s there if you look for it.

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