The Polymath

Every system in a business is a pipe. You’ve got your sales pipe, your marketing pipe, your operations pipe, and so on. Each pipe is responsible for taking the effort of the people who do the work in that system and turning it into a result (the result depends on the pipe, naturally). Let’s say […]

Seeing Forward in Time & Space

If a goal doesn’t “feel” real to you, the likelihood of you achieving that goal is near zero. That feeling comes from your subconscious. And even if you really, really want to achieve that goal – even if you put all of your conscious effort towards it – your subconscious will trip you up every […]

You Are in Charge of Your Actions

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” I bring up this quote from Socrates because there’s a perception out there that we are not in control of our emotions and our reactions. And while it’s true that we cannot stop our brains from feeling certain ways … it is possible to take ownership of your […]

Actually Doing the Work is Easy

How’s your relationship with your subconscious? Just take a moment to check in. Are you here on YouTube because you’re avoiding doing something? If you are, that’s okay. I’m not going to judge you for it. But if that last paragraph made you feel slightly guilty, here’s a tip: you’re probably hesitant to do that […]

Return on Investment

What’s the difference between someone who says they want to make money and makes it, versus someone who says they want to make money but doesn’t make it? You may remember I posed this question to a group of high school students in an episode of Daily Genius. I’m repeating it here because it illustrates […]

Middle Management

Middle management is one of the most challenging roles to play in any organization. It’s easy to be a business owner. You just need to be accountable. It’s also easy to be an employee. You just need to be responsible. It’s hard to be both. That’s what makes middle management special. They have a gift […]