Seeing Forward in Time & Space

If a goal doesn’t “feel” real to you, the likelihood of you achieving that goal is near zero. That feeling comes from your subconscious. And even if you really, really want to achieve that goal – even if you put all of your conscious effort towards it – your subconscious will trip you up every […]

Needs and Belief

I want to help you be in command of your business. In order to do that, you need to be more disciplined in your commitment to long-term plans. You’re probably never going to win any form of life lottery, but you’re guaranteed to be successful if you focus on incrementally achieving your highest priorities each […]

Lily Pads on Ponds

Areas in your business that you do not have under command tend to break down in a way that isn’t obvious. If you wait until you can see the problem obviously, you’re probably going to be too late to prevent a significant challenge or emergency. It’s way less work to keep things in command than […]

Agent 007

We’re Incremental Progress machines. That’s because we are aware of our resources and we’ve put them in order. We understand our priorities. We manage our resources wisely. We put things in order before we take action, so we know we’re working on the highest priority actions possible. It’s impossible to not be productive if you […]


If all you do is incrementally improve your prioritization and your focus on your priorities each day, you can’t help but achieve exponential growth in your life and in your business. There’s a word for it: Kaizen.

Itemize Function

Instead of trying to fit people into these abstract boxes you call “job descriptions,” you should itemize the functional processes and accountabilities that actually exist in your business. If you give people clear expectations in the form of process assignments and key performance indicators, they can measure themselves if they’ve done a good job or […]

Middle Management

Middle management is one of the most challenging roles to play in any organization. It’s easy to be a business owner. You just need to be accountable. It’s also easy to be an employee. You just need to be responsible. It’s hard to be both. That’s what makes middle management special. They have a gift […]

Becoming Jordan Peterson

Don’t be a business owner trying to take accountability and ownership of other people’s stuff … their problems; causes; tirades. Put your own room in order first. Don’t go out into the world and assume ownership of other people’s stuff. When you martyr yourself on these causes you clearly can’t make a difference on, you […]

Future Accounting

Your goals in life won’t come true unless you’re accountable to them in advance. See … that future you say you want? You’re disowning it. It’s a trick. Just by your nature of wanting it, you’re acknowledging that you don’t have ownership of it. You haven’t found evidence of it. You don’t see where you […]