Do What You Love or Love What You Do

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How much money are you wasting by avoiding hiring?

Are you throwing away time doing tasks that don’t return much per hour, in terms of dollars, when you could delegate them to someone else? Are you sapping your energy doing things you don’t want to do because no one else has been given that accountability?

Quite simply, there are things you do that make you money. And there are things you do that don’t make nearly as much money. Similarly, there are tasks you do that you find fulfilling, and tasks you do that suck.

So STOP DOING THOSE THINGS. If you do more of the things that make you money, you can hire somebody to do the things that don’t. That’s just math. If you’ve got 8 hours, and X makes more money than Y, spend your hours doing X rather than Y. Find someone who has the values to do Y (you may already be employing them!) and delegate that task.

It’s just basic math, right?

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