Coaching Will Not Build Your Business

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If you do not have the values to accomplish a task, you will frustrate, hesitate, and procrastinate (thanks to Dr John Demartini for that).

That’s the honest truth. To the degree we take on things that are low in our values, we will find excuses to avoid doing it, not put our attention on it even as we’re trying to do it (causing careless mistakes) and lower our self-worth.

So what do you do when you’re a business owner who doesn’t have the values to build a business? What does an entrepreneur do who loves serving their clients but certainly does not love dealing with business infrastructure?

Two things to say to that: first, the answer to this problem is NOT coaching. In fact, coaching is just going to make that business owner or entrepreneur feel worse than they did when they started the coaching!

Second: it is absolutely possible to have your business scale and grow even if you don’t enjoy the activity of building systems.

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Paul O Olson
Paul O Olson

Hi Alexander – loved the video and in my experience you’re bang on with your comments. After talking with hundreds of ‘solopreneurs’, most have never built anything that looks like a business and totally under-estimate what it takes in terms of infrastructure and management. Yet they start off with buying technology first and then get frustrated because it’s complicated. One piece lead to 5 others that they didn’t think about and all of a sudden they have business ideas that don’t work together and money running out. Or, if they have money, they don’t know when and what to delegate… Read more »

Alexander Ford

Hey Paul, thanks so much for commenting. I’m grateful for your feedback and I’m glad you see things the same way. I hope you’re doing well.