How to Grow Your Business Like It’s a Piece of Software • An Interview with Paul and Philly Fuggle

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One of the great things about being a visionary is that you’re always seeing ways to make things better.

Of course, that also comes with a downside. If left to their own devices, most visionaries will have problems completing things because they’ll constantly be seeing ways to make what they’re doing better… which means they never finish working on it.

And since being an entrepreneur demands being a visionary, this can leave a lot of business owners with half-finished projects that they never get payoff from because they’re never completed.

Here’s the way out: committing to incremental progress.

If you find your ambition is preventing you from getting things done, you must set clear goal-posts for any big tasks. Have a clearly defined list of results which demarcate the finish line for the project you’re working on.

Then start working, and no matter what you see that could be done better, stick to your original goals. Take all the improvements you noticed and record them someplace you can refer to later.

Do that, and you’ll find yourself with not only a finished project, but a clear list of ways to make it better.

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