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Your business is perfect for certain people at a certain moment in their lives. You have an ideal customer avatar, with a certain set of challenges that you are uniquely qualified to tackle.

You already knew that I hope. But what many entrepreneurs miss is that there are so many other entrepreneurs out there who can help that same other person with the other challenges in their lives, which come directly before or after they work with you.

Think of an assembly line: each person receives a part in a certain condition, they perform an action on it, and it moves on to the next person. Each stage is dependent on the one before on and has its own unique function.

This is a zoomed-out view of a customer journey.

In helping someone solve a problem, new problems are created. There is someone who, in serving their client, create a problem that you solve. And you, through serving your client, create a problem that someone else solves.

Understanding those problems, and finding those people who come before and after you, is the key to setting up joint venture programs that give you a steady influx of new leads (from the people before you) and new money (from those who come after you).

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