How to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

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It all comes down to values.

Whether I’m giving a talk to a high-school, running a multi-day event, or leading my team, you better bet I’m going to bring up the idea of values.

Why? Well, I could fill up your entire feed with the reasons why, but the short answer is that if you don’t live your life based on your highest value, you’re not mastering your life. And if you’re not mastering your life, you don’t seek out challenge. And if you don’t seek out challenge, you’re not growing. You’re stagnating.

Those people will not become great marketers, they won’t be able to produce congruent business plans, and they certainly won’t produce work worthy of the Measurable Genius name.

Whereas working with those who are dedicated to their values, who have an internal drive, who seek out the toughest challenges in the fulfillment of those values – that’s inspiring to see.

Given the choice, who would you rather work with?

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