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How’s your relationship with your subconscious?

Just take a moment to check in. Are you here on YouTube because you’re avoiding doing something? If you are, that’s okay. I’m not going to judge you for it.

But if that last paragraph made you feel slightly guilty, here’s a tip: you’re probably hesitant to do that thing you need to do because you haven’t been feeding your subconscious the right data.

Just think about how you got here. Out of all the things you COULD be doing, this is the thing you ARE doing. You picked that option.

Wouldn’t it be intelligent, then, to understand where your options come from? After all, there are literally infinite things you could do. How does that list get parsed down and presented to your conscious mind?

The answer is your subconscious. It’s the filter through which all possible actions pass through. After all, if the conscious mind was always aware of every possible action, the concept of “forgetting” wouldn’t exist.

That doesn’t mean we’re helpless, however. You can program your subconscious by telling it stories or collecting data. It’s the entire point of the daily affirmations we do at Measurable Genius. By telling stories, and then finding evidence of those stories coming true, we can impact the filter.

And that means we see possibilities that we never would have seen otherwise. It means we’re willing to do what it takes because our subconscious has seen that it’s absolutely necessary in order to grow as people.

If you want to go anywhere in life, you need your subconscious to present you the path to getting there.

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