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The masses wait to see it before they believe it, while the masters see it before they believe it.

If there’s something you want out of your life, you need to see it first. You need to picture it in your mind’s eye and have it be a clear, tangible thing.

If you can’t do that, you probably don’t really want it.

But if you do really want it, you’ll start to see what you can do to make it real. The pathways to getting it will start to open up because you gave yourself permission to set an intention towards having this thing that you have said that you want. Whether that thing is a great business, a romantic relationship, or some kind of Iron Man suit … it doesn’t matter. If you set the intention to get it, and it’s truly aligned with your automatically expressed sense of meaning, you WILL get it.

It’ll probably take some incremental progress to get there. But it all starts with an intention.

By the way, I just want to give a huge shout-out to my editor Stephan Gardner, who has significantly improved the quality of my micro-content. It just proves the power of incremental progress and getting started. It took us a long time to get this far… but it’s only coming true because I set an intention a while ago to out-Gary-V Gary V.


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